Zeus & Emax Atlantis Crowns

Zeus full contour zirconia




Single Visit Fit to Partial Zeus Full Zirconia Crowns

There's no need to have your patients without their partial, at Rockert Dental studio we have the ability to scan your patients partial into our digital environment in less than an hour and your patient is on their way.

Give your patient the most durable, beautiful implant hybrid ever! Zirconia is hyper allogenic an easy on opposing enamel

hybrid prosthesis

Zeus solid zirconia full arch



At Rockert Dental Studio we're about more than smiles.


We're about you.Our dental laboratory is committed to your practice's success. We utilize the latest technology as well as time-tested techniques to create high-quality dental restorations that not only will make your patients' smile but will also help your practice flourish. Our mission is to help your practice grow, help improve your patients smiles and overall health, and to do it all while acting as a trusted parter, valued resource and go-to laboratory for cutting-edge treatment options. Our tagline says it all: We're about more than smiles. We're about you.



















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